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Want to contribute samples?
Please contact us if you are interested in contributing samples to the PMP. The PMP will sequence your samples using standardized methods, and will provide you with the sequencing data as soon as it is generated. We will also perform basic computational processing of the data to provide you with a starting point for your analysis.
The PMP is not currently accepting samples for free sequencing, although we hope to very soon. In the meantime, if you are planning to submit a grant proposal and would like to work with the PMP to generate your data and to provide basic data analysis, please contact us to discuss the potential for collaboration.


Read more about specific goals in the areas of primate health, evolution, behavior, and conservation.​



PMP Leadership Team

Jonathan Clayton

Katie Amato

University of Minnesota

Jonathan Clayton (Founder), Postdoctoral Associate, Computer Science/Biotechnology Institute

Dan Knights, Assistant Professor, Computer Science/Biotechnology Institute

Tim Johnson, Associate Professor, Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

Dominic Travis, Associate Professor, Veterinary Population Medicine

Ran Blekhman, Assistant Professor, Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development; Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior

Andres Gomez, Assistant Professor, Animal Science

Northwestern University

Katie Amato, Assistant Professor, Anthropology


University of Califorina, San Diego

Rob Knight, Professor, Biomedical Sciences


University of Colorado at Boulder

Steven Leigh, Professor, Anthropology


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Rebecca Stumpf, Associate Professor, Anthropology

Primate Microbiome Project collaborators and partnerships

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Jack Gilbert, Jack Gilbert, Associate Professor, University of Chicago and Argonne National Labs

Janet Jansson, Professor and Senior Staff Scientist, Department of Ecology, Earth Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

PMP Scientific Advisors

Kenneth Glander, Professor, Evolutionary Anthropology, Duke University

Tiffany Wolf, Assistant Professor, Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota

Thomas Gillespie, Associate Professor, Departments of Environmental Sciences & Environmental Health, Emory University

Michael Cranfield, Gorilla Doctors, University of California, Davis

PMP Species Advisors


Lydia Greene, Duke University, PhD Candidate



Steve Unwin, Orangutan Veterinary Advisor Group, Wildlife Impact Consultant


Red colobus:

Stanislaus Kivai, Kenyan Institute of Primate Research, Conservation Biology Department

PMP Country Advisors


Julius Nziza, Gorilla Doctors, Country Head Veterinarian



George Omondi Paul, University of Minnesota, Kenya Wildlife Service



Francis Cabana, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, Wildlife Nutritionist



Ha Thang Long, GreenViet Biodiversity Conservation Center, Chairman


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